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Peyton Manning Bonds with Brother Eli Before the Super Bowl

Peyton Manning Bonds with Brother Eli Before the Super Bowl
Peyton shares home cooked meal with Eli during Super Bowl week.

After fielding a variety of questions for Media Day on Tuesday, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning got the chance to relax with his younger brother.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning invited Peyton over for a bite to eat and a chance to relax during Super Bowl week.

The Broncos quarterback said the two often communicate by phone but see each other only 3 or 4 times a year because of the busy football season.

“Eli and I pull hard for each other,” the older brother said Wednesday when speaking to the media. “We are not competitive against each other, we try to help one another, support one another.”

Peyton Manning has been to the Super Bowl twice, winning one. His younger brother has been to two Super Bowls, and won both.

The Broncos quarterback said he enjoys learning from other athletes who have played his position.

“I enjoy talking to quarterbacks, ex-quarterbacks [and] current quarterbacks,” Peyton Manning said. “But when you have someone that you’re related to, that’s a pretty neat resource.”

Two years ago, Peyton Manning waved the pom-poms when Eli grabbed his second ring in Super Bowl XLVI. This year, the younger brother will cheer on the Broncos quarterback as Peyton tries to grab the Lombardi Trophy.

“I’ve always known that Eli’s been in my corner, and I’ve always been in his.”