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Out-of-Towners Flock to NYC Homeless Shelters

Out-of-Towners Flock to NYC Homeless Shelters
Almost 600 more families seeking shelter since 2008.

The number of out-of-town families entering New York City's homeless shelters has risen 48 percent over the past four years. 

The city's Homeless Services records show that 2,053 families sought shelter last year compared to 1,390 in 2008. 

Commissioner Seth Diamond tells the Daily News that the city's "right to shelter" law affords housing to everyone. That's helped swell its shelter population to an all-time high of 43,040.
The head of the Bronx shelter intake facility, Vida Chavez-Downes, says she sees more people than ever arriving directly from the airport.
To contain costs, the city tries to get out-of-towners to voluntarily leave or stay with relatives or friends.
Since 2007, it has paid a one-way fare for 2,654 singles and families to 24 states and five continents.