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One on One talks with Ralph Branca

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Former Dodger Reminisces about former teammate Jackie Robinson

Ralph Branca, the former Dodger, Tiger, and Yankee, known predominantly as being the pitcher who gave up "The Shot Heard Round the World" to Bobby Thompson, joined Mike Watts and I Saturday to discuss his former teammate Jackie Robinson. With "Jackie Robinson Day" taking place April 15th and a new film about the legend "42" out Friday (Ralph is portrayed in the film), we took the time to discuss Robinson's historical impact on the game of baseball and Branca's firsthand experience as his teammate. At 87, Branca recounts numerous memories of his time with the Dodgers, including his interactions in the locker room, the impact of Pee-Wee Reese, and the culture of baseball as Jackie entered the league. He also says he was much more handsome than the actor who played him in the film!

Take a listen to the interview below!