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NYC Traffic Thick on 2nd Morning After Superstorm

NYC Traffic Thick on 2nd Morning After Superstorm
While cars are able to travel freely again, subways and buses are still

Morning rush-hour traffic appears thicker than on a normal day as people start to return to work in a New York without subways.

Cars were bumper to bumper on several of the city's major highways. Monitoring cameras showed backed-up traffic.

In lower Manhattan where power was out, traffic streamed off the Brooklyn Bridge but slowed as it approached downtown. There were few signs, if any, that traffic was being directed by police through intersections with darkened stoplights.
The subway remains shut down after superstorm Sandy flooded tunnels. Some vehicular tunnels remain closed.
Buses have resumed partial service. And the city has modified taxi rules and encouraged drivers to pick up more than one passenger at a time.