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NYC Council Begins Hearings on Police-Community Relations

NYC Council Begins Hearings on Police-Community Relations
NYC Council will look at initiatives aimed to improve relationship with NYPD and community.

The New York City Council is holding its first hearing on policing since protests swept the city after the Eric Garner grand jury decision not to indict police in the unarmed man's death.

   Police officials outlined a series of pilot programs intended to demonstrate more police involvement in minority communities - not simply as enforcers of the law, but as partners.

   Precinct commanders have been attending services at local houses of worship to ally themselves with influential local ministers. And four precincts now have a dedicated team of officers who spend one-third of their daily shifts doing community outreach.

   Several councilmembers stressed the need to create "a more just" city even while driving crime further downward.

   Police officials were non-committal about a council proposal to hire 1,000 more officers.