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NYC City Council Moves to "Ban the Box"

City Council

NYC City Council Moves to "Ban the Box"  (Photo: Stephanie Colombini, WFUV News) 

The New York City Council is passing legislation to ban private sector employers from asking job applicants if they have been convicted of a crime.
The Fair Chance Act passed the council on Wednesday.
Supporters of the act say it will end discrimination against people, particularly blacks and Latinos, who have low-level arrests.
It is known as "Ban the Box" because some job application forms have a box that needs to be checked if a prospective employee has a conviction.
Seventeen states have similar laws. It is already law for New York City employees, except those applying for law enforcement jobs.
Mayor Bill de Blasio has signaled support the measure.
But an influential business group blasted the bill.
The Partnership for New York said the bill favors "ideology over practicality."