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NYC auction offers important presidential documents

[Photo Source] U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Wikipedia


Auctioneers in New York are selling off presidential papers including John F. Kennedy's scribbled notes for a 1960 campaign speech and a fragment of George Washington's draft of his first inaugural address.

The auction by Lion Heart Autographs is being held Wednesday.  JFK's fragmented notes reference his famous campaign slogan, "The New Frontier."

He used them for a speech at a 1960 rally in Los Angeles. The auction house thinks it could fetch up to $3,500.  The Washington fragment is one of a small number that survive of Washington's handwritten draft for his first inaugural speech.

The auction house thinks it is worth at least $150,000.  The auction also includes a front page of The New York Times from Sept. 12, 2001, autographed by five U.S. presidents.