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NY Governor Vetoes Mute Swan Bill, Says Not Needed

NY Governor Vetoes Mute Swan Bill, Says Not Needed
DEC says a new swan management plan will be released after comment period.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has vetoed a bill that was intended to stop the state from killing swans.

The bill was spearheaded by animal welfare groups after the Department of Environmental Conservation released a draft plan a year ago that called for eradication of mute swans, a non-native species.

In his veto memo, Cuomo said the bill wasn't needed because the DEC was already revising its swan management plan in response to the public outcry.

There are an estimated 2,200 free-ranging mute swans in New York, primarily on Long Island, the lower Hudson Valley and on Lake Ontario. The draft DEC plan called for shooting or gassing birds, sterilizing them and destroying their eggs.

DEC said Thursday that a new plan will soon be released for a 45-day comment period.