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NY doctors, nurses to help Puerto Rico; more supplies ready

Photo Credit: Carlos Giusti, AP Photo

More than 100 physicians, nurses and other health care professionals from New York state are heading to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.
   Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo detailed the assistance Tuesday. In addition, UPS is delivering 100,000 bottles of water donated by New Yorkers. UNICEF is contributing emergency supply kits for 60,000 people that include water purification tablets, toothpaste, soap and other basic supplies.
   The state has already sent members of the National Guard and state police along with Port Authority personnel and engineers to help repair the island's electrical grid. Cuomo visited Puerto Rico shortly after Hurricane Maria and says the state will do whatever it can to help.
   On Tuesday Cuomo continued to criticize the federal response to the storm, saying emergency management officials should have better prepared in the days before the hurricane.