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NY Bars Selling Electronic Cigarettes to Minors

NY Bars Selling Electronic Cigarettes to Minors
Ban takes effect January 1st.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed new laws to ban sales of electronic cigarettes in New York to anyone under 18 and to prohibit smoking within 100 feet of the entrances to public or private schools.

The smoking restriction takes effect immediately. Residences or residential property within the 100-foot perimeter would be excluded.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices used to inhale vaporized liquid nicotine instead of tobacco smoke. The ban on sales to minors takes effect Jan. 1.

Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal, said e-cigarettes, which are currently unregulated, are made in flavors such as bubble gum and chocolate meant to appeal to youths and contain highly addictive nicotine. She said they would "hook yet another generation" on a deadly habit.