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Norah Jones, live at Tarrytown Music Hall

Thursday at 9pm: We made our goal, so we're back to the music with Norah Jones, recorded live at Tarrytown Music Hall!

Norah Jones released her new album, Little Broken Hearts, earlier this week, but a lucky audience at Tarrytown Music Hall got a live preview of the songs a few weeks early. And, FUV got to hit record!

FUV's Rita Houston was at that April show too and caught up with Norah backstage, so you can check out their conversation here -- talking about the influence of Danger Mouse on the new album, the inspiration behind the cover art, and how it feels to Norah to be 10 years past her breakthrough album, Come Away With Me.

Catch the whole show on FUV, tonight at 9pm, and it will be available in our online archives soon.