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NJ Budget Political Payback


Jersey Senate President criticises Governor Christie's budget.

The Democrat who controls New Jersey’s state Senate says Governor Chris Christie’s politically overcharged budget hurts the state’s vulnerable residents most.  

Senate President Stephen Sweeney says Christie’s last-minute vetoes were political payback to people who have challenged him.  He says the cuts totaling $900 million punish the people the Legislature was elected to protect.

Sweeney had heated words for Christie after digesting the magnitude of the governor’s line-item vetoes, calling him “a bully and a punk.”

The governor slashed $139 million in aid to struggling municipalities, leaving just $10 million.  He cut an AIDS drug distribution program, child welfare services and tuition aid grants, among others.

A lobbying group says the cuts to programs benefiting cities and towns will cripple local efforts to stabilize property taxes.