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New Yorkers Rally Against Walmart


Women's rights groups and elected officials rally at City Hall a day after a massive sex-discrimination lawsuit against the retailer was thrown out.

The Supreme Court ruling in Dukes v. Walmart is fueling the fiery debate over whether Walmart should set up shop in the big apple.

At a City Hall rally to express disappointment in the ruling that dismissed a massive class action sex-discrimination lawsuit, Rhonda Nelson from the UFCW Women's Network voiced her opinion. "You cannot, no, you will not, discriminate against the 1.6 million women and then try and set up shop here in New York City."

"Walmart has reminded us that what matters most to them is money, this is why New Yorkers must reject Walmart opening a store here in New York City," Nelson said.

Jane Manning, the president of New York's chapter of the National Organization For Women said in light of the lawsuit getting thrown out, it was more important than ever for Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill dedicated to reducing pay inequalites. The House had passed the bill, but it was defeated in the Senate 58-41 at the end of 2010.

Dukes v. Walmart was the largest civil rights class action lawsuit in United States history. It charged Walmart with discriminating against women by paying them less than male counterparts and promoting women less frequently.

In the majority ruling, the court wrote that the plaintiffs did not show that Walmart had any corporate polices or practicies that discriminated against women.