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New York Schools Try to Make Up Lost Time from Sandy

New York Schools Try to Make Up Lost Time from Sandy
Schools could miss out on state aid if too many days are missed

Superstorm Sandy forced many New York schools to remain closed for a week. And now, parents and students are wondering when and if school days will be made up.

In order for schools to receive state aid, they have to be in session for 180-days.

But, David Albert, the Director of Communications and Research for the New York School Boards Association says schools shouldn't worry about losing funding, "We've asked lawmakers to waive the requirements for those schools impacted by Sandy, just as they did last year for schools impacted by tropical storm's Irene and Lee.”
He expects the same to be true for this storm.
However, that does not mean it will not be a challenge for many schools. Albert says it is up to the individual school district and union to decide when and how many days will be made up. School days can be made up on planned vacation or conference days.