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New York Congressman Unveils New Gun Control Legislation


City mayors and local officials are offering recommendations to improve gun regulations.

In the wake of Saturday's shooting in Tucson, Republican congressman Peter King is introducing new legislation that would make it illegal to carry a gun within a thousand feet of high level politicians.

That category includes the President, Vice-President, members of Congress and high-level judges.
King joined New York Mayor Bloomberg and other members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns today to call for stronger gun regulations.

The Long Island representative says the safety of elected officials is vital to the tradition of democracy.  "It's essential if we're going to be able to continue to have contact and to have conversation between the public and their elected officials, that the public…at these meetings can be assured of their own safety."

A similar law is already on the books, making it illegal to bring a gun within 1000 feet of a school.