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MTA: Irene Cost Agency $65 million

MTA: Irene Cost Agency $65 million
A breakdown on what last year's hurricane cost the MTA

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is seeking to recoup $65 million in losses resulting from Tropical Storm Irene.

The money includes more than $20 million already approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The MTA hopes to recover the rest from insurers.
Metro-North Railroad was the hardest hit in its system. It cost the agency more than $20 million when the storm flooded miles of track on the Port Jervis Line.
The authority spent $8 million for overtime costs during preparation for the Aug. 27, 2011, storm. It claimed $14 million in lost revenue for service that was suspended on its subways and buses.
The agency's Bridges and Tunnels lost about $9 million in toll revenue.
It claimed $5.7 million for damages and lost revenue on the Long Island Rail Road.