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Monday Night Quarterback Playoff Edition: Towson Recap and...

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Coaches Joe Moorhead, David Blackwell QB Michael Nebrich, LB Stephen Hodge, WR Sam Ajala, DL Brett Biestek

On the final episode of this season's Monday Night Quarterback, Head Coach Joe Moorhead talks with Mike Watts and Nick Logerfo about the Rams falling short in the quarterfinals of the FCS playoffs aginst Towson, 48-28. He also looks back at the best season Fordham has had in the modern era.

In the X's and O's Segment, the guys talk to Defensive Coordinator David Blackwell about the difficulties the second half of the Towson game. Coach Blackwell also disscuses the turnovers forced that have characterized this year's squad and the strides it has taken over the last year.

And in an Extended Inside the Huddle Segment, Nick chats with quarterback Michael Nebrich and linebacker Stephen Hodge about the Towson game and their breakout seasons. Mike checks in with wideout Sama Ajala and defensive end Brett Biestek who share their favotire memories from the 2013 campaign.

Finally, Joe Moorhead talks about the future of the Fordham Football program.

Listen to Monday Night Quarterback below.

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