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MLB FanFest Opens to Give All Baseball Fans All-Star...

Kenny Ducey/WFUV Sports

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MLB Director of Special Events Jacqueline Secaira-Cotto Discusses Second NY FanFest in Five Years

After touring MLB's annual FanFest, this year at the Javits Center in Manhattan, MLB Director of Special Events Jacqueline Secaira-Cotto was kind enough to chat with Jake Kring-Schreifels, Bob Ahrens, and I about some of the great things the event has to offer.

Major League Baseball's FanFest is a way for fans who can't secure an All-Star Game ticket to get the same sort of experience, says Jacqueline, and it offers a way for families to love the game of baseball. What's new this year? What can we expect from the next 4 days? How important is this to New York? Hear what Jacqueline had to say in our interview below.