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Membership FAQ

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Contact the Membership Department:
Phone: 718-817-2970
Mail: WFUV Fordham University, 441 E. Fordham Road, Bronx, NY 10458

WFUV is licensed to Fordham University, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax ID 131740451


What is sustainer membership?
Sustainer members receive all the same benefits as annual members, but make convenient, affordable, ongoing monthly donations by credit or debit card, instead of giving annually. This saves money and resources because no renewal notices are needed. Your membership remains active until you notify WFUV to cancel it. A new MemberCard is sent automatically each year. Additional benefits of sustainer membership include automatic entery into drawings and contests during member drives, and a convenient year-end giving summary emailed to you each January.

Sustainer Terms of Agreement: The authorization to withdraw gifts from the account indicated shall remain in effect until you notify WFUV that you wish to change it or end it, and WFUV has reasonable time to process the cancellation. A record of each donation will appear on your monthly credit card or bank statement and will serve as a receipt. An annual summary of giving will be sent each January by email for tax purposes.

How do I renew my sustainer membership?
Sustainer membership is ongoing, so there’s no need to renew.  A new MemberCard is sent automatically each year. However, you do need to notify WFUV if your credit card changes.

How can I update the credit card for my sustainer membership?
You can update online anytime at — We’ll replace your existing info. Or, you can call in your update during office hours at (718) 817-2970. Updates require the full card number, expiration date and security code, even if only one part (i.e. expiration date) has changed.  

How can I cancel or change my monthly donation amount?
Cancellation or donation amount changes can be made by email at, or calling the membership office at (718) 817-2970.

How do I get my thank you gift each year as a sustainer member?
Thank you gifts are available upon request by contacting WFUV's membership department. We suggest emailing or calling when you receive your MemberCard and your new member year begins. If you prefer to wait for later in the year (as gift options change seasonally), that is fine, too. Gifts cannot be sent automatically, and are only available upon request, because gift options change from year to year, and carry a fair market value that affects the tax-deductible amount of your donation.
View current thank you gifts at

Will my current sustaining membership gift be matched during a matching gift challenge?
Only new contributions are eligible to be matched during a challenge grant. Sustainer members can qualify for the match by making a one-time additional gift during the match period, or upgrading their membership to a higher donation level.

How can I change the day of the month my gift is processed?
Call or email the membership office and we will be glad to assist you with that change.

Can I give a sustainer membership as a gift membership?
No. Gift memberships may only be issued for annual membership.

How do I receive my year-end tax statement?
WFUV emails year-end giving summaries at the end of January to sustainers with an active email on file. Call or email for a copy if you don’t receive yours.

How do I file for a matching gift with my company for my sustainer membership?
Each company is different, so check with your benefits/HR office for their requirements. We can help with providing additional documentation if needed. WFUV is an accredited 501C3 listed as Fordham University (Tax ID 13-174051).

I was charged twice in the same month.  What should I do?
Please contact membership straight away if you see you were charged twice.  We will investigate and refund any erroneous charges, or any charges that might have been triggered by submitting a new sustainer pledge while a previous pledge was still active.


Why am I getting a renewal notice when I just renewed my membership?
Mailings are prepared several weeks in advance; odds are the reminder may have crossed in the mail. Check your bank or credit card account to see if your payment has recently cleared to confirm.  Otherwise, if you receive further notices, call us to investigate.

When does my membership expire?
If you are an annual member, your MemberCard shows your expiration date. Email or call our office to find out the status of your membership. Please provide your full name(s), mailing address or email address so that we can look up your account.

How do I obtain a MemberCard?
MemberCards are sent by mail. Allow 4-6 weeks after your donation for it to arrive. To request a duplicate, call or email our office.

How do I get a receipt of my donation?
Online and phone donations will receive an automatic email receipt if a valid email is provided at the time of the order. Donors by mail are sent a receipt by mail within 4-6 weeks.

What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept check, money order, credit/debit Mastercard or Visa, American Express, and Discover.  At this time we are unable to accept PayPal, Venmo, ApplePay, and other cash/digital wallet apps.


What gifts are available right now?
Thank you gift options change from season to season.  Current gifts options can be found on our donation form at For additional information, photos and fair market value of our thank you gifts, visit our website at

When will I get my thank you gift?
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your gift. Items ship via the US Post Office. Express shipping is not available.
For digital downloads and digital subscriptions, please allow 1-2 weeks for email delivery of instructions to redeem your digital gift online. You must opt-in to receive emails from WFUV for digital delivery; opt-in at

Can I get my gift mailed to a different address?
Yes. Just complete the SHIPPING ADDRESS fields with the appropriate info when making your online donation.

There’s a problem with the gift I received. What do I do?
Please contact us immediately if there is a problem with your item (defect, size, wrong gift, etc.). We’ll do our best to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.


How much do I have to give to be a member?
A donation of any amount makes you a contributing member of WFUV. To receive a particular thank you gift, a minimum donation value may be required.

Can my car donation be applied to my membership?
No, vehicle donations (cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, etc) are considered donations only, with no goods or services received in exchange.  Instead, donors receive the full value of the vehicle as a tax deduction, and WFUV covers the costs of picking up the vehicle and having it processed and sold. Vehicle donation proceeds may not be applied to memberships, event tickets, concert tickets or any other benefit or service offered by WFUV. For more info on car donations please visit our Donate A Vehicle page.

How can I contribute to WFUV with my Donor Advised/Charitable Gift Fund?
If your contribution is for an on-air member drive, make a pledge by phone. Then send a check from the fund and we’ll apply it to your pledge when it arrives. WFUV is an accredited 501C3, listed under our license holder, Fordham University (Tax ID 13-1740451). If it's not during an on-air drive, send any fund check as you wish, and be sure to include your name, address and any special designation you have (eg: membership renewal, special donation, etc.).

How can I give a Gift Membership?
You can order a gift membership through the special link on our main donate page, or by phone. Your recipient will receive their MemberCard and welcome letter, and you will be sent a receipt for your donation.  If a thank you gift was selected that item will be shipped separately within 4-6 weeks. (Express delivery is not available.) Your email receipt contains a link to a downloadable PDF gift certificate that you can give your recepient in the meantime, if you so wish.

How do I win tickets on the Member Line?
The WFUV Member Line offers free tickets and goodies on a first-come, first-served basis to current WFUV Members. [Note: The Member Line is dormant during the Covid pandemic.] Offers are posted weekday mornings (the time varies) and is closed weekends and holidays. You are limited to one prize every 30 days. For more info and rules, visit

I won tickets to an event on the Member Line, where do I pick them up?
Generally, tickets are issued via email or are waiting at Will Call, and your ticket confirmation will tell you. If you have remaining questions about your tickets, email the Member Line team at

How can I stop getting so much mail from WFUV?
If you wish to reduce the amount of mail, phone calls or email you get, please contact us. We can adjust your communication preferences as needed.

How do I file for a matching gift with my company?
Each company is different, so first check with your benefits/HR office for their requirements. Your WFUV donation receipt or Year End Giving Statement should suffice as proof of your contributions. If you need copies, though, call or email us.

What is your Privacy Policy?
WFUV will never sell, trade, or give away your personal information. For full details read our policy online at