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Let's make a Mixtape!

Let's make a Mixtape!

Beginning Monday, August 12, WFUV is excited to introduce a new, interactive, daily feature called The WFUV Mixtape. We're turning the programming over to you, for an hour each day, Monday through Friday, at Noon! Request songs via the WFUV Facebook page or Twitter feed (@wfuv) and the songs played will be compiled into a daily Spotify playlist - a crowdsourced, daily Mixtape - that you can download, and share with friends! Modeled after the old school mixtapes we used to make for each other, my hope is that song requests will inspire other requests. So as we add songs to the daily mix, someone else's request may make you think of another song, and so on, and so on. I know FUV listeners have excellent, broad tastes in music, and together, you're going to create some amazing mixes!  Can't wait to hear from you.

Your faithful daily mixologist,