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Let's Drink To The Hard Working People


I’m Tore Down                                               Freddie King

Suddenly Last Summer                                  The Motels

Summer’s Almost Gone                                 The Doors

This Land Is Your Land                                   Billy Bragg

Ashamed of the Story I Told                           The National

Salt of the Earth                                              Rolling Stones

Workin’ Day & Night                                     Michael Jackson

Working in the Coalmine                                Devo

Birth School Work Death                               The Godfathers

The Ballad of John & Yoko                            The Beatles

Baby Please Don’t Go                                    Them

Israelites                                                          Desmond Dekker

Around the Dial                                              The Kinks

The Rip                                                           Portishead

Cheap Sunglasses                                          ZZ Top

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