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Legislature Backs Old Voting Machines for NYC

Legislature Backs Old Voting Machines for NYC
Primary elections are scheduled for Sept. 10 in New York City.

State lawmakers have passed legislation to let New York City keep using mechanical voting machines in this year's primary and runoff elections. City primaries are scheduled Sept. 10 for mayor, comptroller, public advocate, borough presidents and city council.

To comply with federal law, the state switched in 2010 to optical scanners that read paper ballots. The legislation says the city Board of Elections will use the new machines but has the option of using the old ones if needed.

The board said it may not have enough time to reset the new machines for the primary and runoff.

A spokesman says Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reviewing the bill. Sponsors say it would also shift runoffs from Sept. 24th to Oct. 1 to avoid conflicting with the Jewish holiday Sukkot.