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Lawyers: NY Muslim Surveillance Case on Track

Lawyers: NY Muslim Surveillance Case on Track
Similar Case Dismissed in New Jersey

Attorneys for critics of the New York Police Department's surveillance of Muslims say they'll keep pursuing a New York lawsuit challenging the practice after a similar case was dismissed in New Jersey.

The lawyers on Friday criticized a ruling that found the NYPD's surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey was a lawful anti-terrorism effort, not a civil rights violation.

American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Hina Shamsi (HEE-nuh SHAM-see) says she's not worried about the fate of the New York lawsuit, partly because the city hasn't asked to have it dismissed. It's in a Brooklyn federal court.

Shamsi says she also hopes new Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration will take a fresh look at the surveillance program.

City lawyers say only that the Brooklyn case is in early stages of evidence-gathering.