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Lawsuit Against NYPL Over Stacks

Lawsuit Against NYPL Over Stacks
Renovations to the Rose Reading Room include a four-story atrium.
 A group of preservationists and scholars has filed a lawsuit to stop the New York Public Library from removing millions of books from the Fifth Avenue building's stacks.
The books' removal is part of a $300 million plan to renovate the Manhattan landmark building. The plan would turn the main library into a circulating library by selling two nearby branches and folding their operations into the main building.
The lawsuit seeks a court injunction to prevent the library from proceeding with the demolition work. It also seeks to bar the city from providing funding for the renovation.
It says "destruction of the stacks ... will surely doom the NYPL's mission to serve the public's research and reference needs."
The NYPL says the redevelopment is essential to the library's future.