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Judge Denies Groups' Effort to Intervene in ExxonMobil...

Judge Denies Groups' Effort to Intervene in ExxonMobil Case  (Photo: Doc Searls, Flickr) 

A judge has denied an attempt by environmental groups and a Democratic state senator to intervene in New Jersey's proposed $225 million settlement with ExxonMobil.
Superior Court Judge Michael Hogan's ruling Monday said the groups did not show that the state Department of Environmental Protection failed to represent their interests.
The groups and state Sen. Raymond Lesniak sought to become a party to the 11-year-old suit because they wanted an opportunity to appeal if the court approves the settlement. They say the state settled for too little after it previously argued for an $8.9 billion settlement over polluted land.
Hogan was also unpersuaded by Lesniak's case. Hogan writes that allowing a lawmaker to intervene if a matter affects her district would set a precedent without any limit.