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History New Yorkers Can Sink Their Teeth Into

History New Yorkers Can Sink Their Teeth Into
New York City is rich in history, and this weekend you can actually taste it.

New York City is showcasing its historic homes in a special event this weekend. 

The Historic House Trust will kick off its three day food and drink festival Friday. Each of the organization's 23-historic homes will have menus that cater to the sites' history.

Executive Director Frank Vagnone says from tasting food from Mrs. Lefferts's cookbook or breaking for tea time at the Alice Austen House on Staten Island, it is all about bringing history to life through food and drink.

"It can start to promote history in a way that kind of throws it back on the person coming to visit," said Vagnone. "And they say 'oh, this is cool. My grandmother used to cook on a stove just like that.' It starts to have a real relationship to their lives."

Although all the sites are open to the public, some of the more popular places -- like Gracie Mansion -- require visitors to RSVP. 

You can check out all of the Historic Houses and RSVP at the Trust's website