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Haven, I'm in Haven


There are seven birthday salutes on tonight's "Big Broadcast," including Dolly Dawn (pictured at the 1000th BB in 1992), who got her start singing with the George Hall band, which played at the NYC's Taft Hotel. Another is songwriter Haven Gillespie, who started out as a newspaperman; turning to composing in the early 1920s. One of his best known songs, "Beautiful Love," is included on the latest "Big Broadcast" collection.

To quote myself:

A minor league “Midnight, the Stars and You,” due to a similar “horror” connection. Every time a version of this multi-pedigreed song is played on “The Big Broadcast,” there's a very big reaction. People know “Midnight” from The Shining, and “Beautiful Love” from The Mummy, its stately melody heard as Zita Johann soaks up Universal Studio’s faux Egyptian panorama. It didn’t earn Egbert Van Alstyne “Pretty Baby” or “In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree” royalties, but it made a lasting impression. Woody Allen turned to it almost sixty years later for his Crimes and Misdemeanors.