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From the Vault: Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice in Studio A (photo by Michael Shemenski/WFUV)

Wolf Alice in Studio A (photo by Michael Shemenski/WFUV)


It's a five-year flashback for today's "Throwback Thursday" FUV Live pick. Wolf Alice's debut album, My Love Is Cool, was released that June, but WFUV had an early preview when singer/guitarist Ellie Rowsell, guitarist Joff Oddie, bassist Theo Ellis and drummer Joel Amey made a January trip to the Bronx for their first New York radio gig.

In addition to playing their epic "Giant Peach" and the explosive "Moaning Lisa Smile" from their 2014 EP, Creature Songs, the band also chatted with me about their surprising folk-rock beginnings, the deliberately slow evolution of their debut album and the challenges of living in expensive London as a young band.

You'll hear those good and loud performances across the day today on FUV, and you can listen to the whole Wolf Alice session anytime in the FUV Live Vault.

[recorded: 1/29/15]