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From the Vault: Patty Griffin 1998

Patty Griffin (photo by David McClister/PR)

Patty Griffin (photo by David McClister/PR)



In 1998, Patty Griffin followed-up her sparse, acoustic debut Living With Ghosts with an album that was quite the opposite: Flaming Red. More than just electrified, this album built a world around her words and let her voice climb even higher. In the 20 years since that album's release, Griffin has only become more celebrated as a songwriter.

Back in the fall of 1998, when Flaming Red was just a few months old, Griffin brought her band to FUV ahead of a Bowery Ballroom show. Live on the radio, she played "One Big Love," "Go Now," and "Tony" from the album, and then treated us to a cover of Willie Nelson's "Crazy." As you'll hear, her voice overpowered our microphone a few times, but it's a performance and a moment to relive for sure.

On this 1998 "Throwback Thursday," we're bringing an excerpt of my interview with Patty Griffin back to the radio on FUV Live at 8 p.m. EDT, and you can listen to the full session anytime below.

[recorded: 10/22/98]