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From the Vault: Liz Phair

Liz Phair in Studio A (photo by Kay Kurkierewicz/WFUV)

Liz Phair in Studio A (photo by Kay Kurkierewicz/WFUV)


We're celebrating Liz Phair and her 1993 debut, Exile in Guyville, for this week's EQFM Album ReCue. So for a "Throwback Thursday" FUV Live pick, we're looking back to last year, when Liz shared a few of its stories with me while discussing her extraordinary first memoir, Horror Stories.

Like everything that Phair does, Horror Stories takes bold chances, and it also has a companion book in the pipeline called Fairy Tales. A new album is on its way in 2021,  Phair's first in a decade, which reunites her with Exile in Guyville producer Brad Wood.

Happily, Guyville was not just part of our conversation, as Phair and guitarists Max Bernstein and Connor Sullivan treated us to a performance of "Divorce Song" in Studio A. It's just one live song from the session you'll hear on WFUV today, and be sure to check out the full interview in the FUV Live Vault.

[Recorded: 10/10/19]