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Fourteen Arrested in Bronx Gun Trafficking Bust

Charges Brought in Undercover Gun Sting in the Bronx
Two Undercover Operations netted 140 Illegal Guns

Authorities say 14 people have been arrested in two seperate undercover police stings targeting gun traffickers in the Bronx. 

In the first operation, dubbed ghostbusters because of the alleged ringleader's alias "Caspa," police say 55 firearms including seven assault rifles, were purchased by undercover officers.  Detective Charles Lennon says ringleader Reinaldo Romero sold the weapons to cops between April 2011 and November of 2012.  He says the weapons came from Ohio and the Baltimore area. 

The assault rifles, including an AK-47 sold for $1,400, while the handguns went for $900.  The 29 year old Romero was arrested this week and charged with multiple counts, including criminal sale of a firearm and weapons possession.  Its not clear if he has a lawyer. 

The second operation netted more than 85 illegal gun sales.