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Former Queens Councilman Tony Avella Dethrones Longtime...


Tony Avella ousted 38-year incumbent Frank Padavan to represent the 11th district, but he’s an exception in an election many hoped would shift the power dynamics in Albany.

Queens Democrat Tony Avella is on the road to Albany. He beat longtime State Senator Frank Padavan in Tuesday’s election, making him one of the few candidates to knock an incumbent from power in New York.

But Avella said that doesn’t mean change in the culture of Albany is unlikely. He said it only takes a few movers and shakers to fix what’s broken.

“I think you’re going to see it. We may not change everything that needs to be changed, but I think there’s going to be major movement and I think there’s going to be real progress.”

Avella added voters in Queens needed someone who was more in touch with the district and the state’s needs. He said his first order of business is to help pass statewide ethics and campaign reforms.