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Five on Three: April 4th- The Final Stretch

Five on Three: April 4th- The Final Stretch
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Races heat up as the NHL season nears the end.

In this edition of Five on Three, Anthony Pucik, Tara Sledjeski and Matt Moro talk about which 111 point team is the best in the NHL.


Also, the three discuss the injury to Maple Leafs' goaltender Jonathan Bernier and how that will affect Toronto's already fading playoff chances.

Locally, they discuss the Islanders resurgence at the end of the season and what the future holds for the Brooklyn-bound team. They also bring up the Devils horrid shootout record this season, and whether or not every team needs a shootout specialist. 

Lastly, they talk about the Rangers, the injury to Ryan McDonagh and their chances in the playoffs this season.