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First Listen: Pond, 'Hobo Rocket'


Listen to Pond's Hobo Rocket streaming now via FUV and NPR Music prior to its Stateside release on August 6 on Modular.

From Ty Segall to Tame Impala to Pond, psychedelic riff-rock is in the midst of a major renaissance. It helps that many of its practitioners are prolific and, in some cases, related to each other: Tame Impala and Pond share three members. (Both groups are based in Perth, Australia.)

Pond started in 2008 — less like a band and more like a loose amalgamation of musicians looking to make a lot of noise. At its core lie the meandering psychedelic adventures of artists like Can, whose own roots can be traced directly to The Velvet Underground's minimalism and drone.

But, at the same time, Pond wouldn't attract the mainstream attention it has without its unforgettably blistering pop jams. Out August 6, Hobo Rocket is a near-perfect record — but only if you can crank it up. — Bob Boilen

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