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Fathers & Sons


This week the Sunday Breakfast celebrates Easter and Passover and the release of Adam Cohen's new CD. Adam will be my guest in Studio A, performing songs and relating what it's like to be the son of an icon, Leonard Cohen. Apparently he had something of an epiphany at the dinner table, with his son on one side and his father on the other, as he realized he wanted to make an album worthy of his father's legacy. The result was Like a Man, an album of intimate, authentic songs from start to finish.

It's ironic that Adam is releasing Like a Man on the heels of his father's first CD in 8 years, the critically-acclaimed (and best-selling) Old Ideas, but Adam is unperturbed by that. (For a fascinating Q&A about that album, hosted by Rita Houston, check this out.) Coincidentally, another father-son combo is also releasing albums at the same time. Loudon Wainwright, a master at mining the mind set of baby boomers, explores aging and mortality on his new one, Older Than My Old Man Now. As usual, it's a family affair, with vocals from all his children - Rufus and Martha Wainwright, Lucy Wainwright Roche, and his youngest daughter, Lexie Kelly Wainwright. Even two of the mons are represented - Suzzy Roche and Ritamarie Kelly. (Only Kate McGarrigle, who died two years ago, is missing.)

Meanwhile, Rufus Wainwright, who's devoted most of the past few years to his opera, Prima Donna, and his song cycle dedicated to his mother, All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu, will be releasing Out of the Game on May 1. It's a upbeat album, inspired no doubt by his engagement to Jorn Weisbrodt, and ample evidence that he still knows how to write great pop songs. Now, it so happens that Rufus is the father of Adam's sister, Lorca Cohen's daughter, making him in effect Rufus's brother-in-law. talk about all in the family!

Loudon will be doing a concert with much of the clan on May 18 at Town Hall, while Rufus has a concert at BAM on May 9, with another second-generation singer-songwriter, Teddy Thompson, opening. Well, you know what they say, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree...