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Famed NYC Bakery Blames Sandy for Mouse Troubles

Famed NYC Bakery Blames Sandy for Mouse Troubles
Manhattan Bakery Claims Sandy Caused Rodent Problem

A New York City bakery famous for its cupcakes is blaming Superstorm Sandy for a mouse infestation that led it to be temporarily shut down for health code violations.

Magnolia Bakery's popular shop in Manhattan's West Village was closed by the Health Department Thursday after an inspector found mouse droppings in the basement.

A spokeswoman for the bakery tells the New York Post that the mice turned up after parts of the neighborhood close to the Hudson River flooded during the October storm.

The deluge uprooted uncounted numbers of mice from their urban boroughs and sent them scrambling for new lodging.

Exterminators were in the bakery all day Friday and general manager Eric Larios tells the Post that he hoped to reopen Saturday.