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Down to Business (Time) In The FUV Mixtape


Double dipping on the Clash, tipping the cap to Patsy, and saying happy b-day to Eddy among other delights -

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Mixtape for 3/5          Host: Eric Holland

Crazy                          Patsy Cline
Wild Horses              Flying Burrito Brothers
Travelin’ Light           JJ Cale
Straight to Hell          The Clash
Hateful                       The Clash
Afterlife                      Arcade Fire
So Alive                     Love and Rockets
Electric Avenue        Eddy Grant
Spinners                    The Hold Steady
Liar                             Built to Spill
One Lovely Day       Citizen Cope
Business Time         Flight of the Concords
Rockin’ Daddy          Howlin’ Wolf
Backstreets               Bruce Springsteen