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"Die-Hard Pez-Heads" Celebrate

"Die-Hard Pez-Heads" Celebrate

"Die-Hard Pez-Heads" Celebrate Andrew Teman, flickr

Fourteenth Annual Northeast Pez Collectors Gathering Kicks Off

Hundreds of "Diehard Pez-Heads" will be flocking to Stamford, Connecticut over the next few days for the 14th annual Northeast Pez Collectors Gathering.

Collectors from all over the world will unite to trade their beloved Pez dispensers.

Organizer Richard Belyski says that these "Pez-Heads" are everywhere.

"You couldn't pick them out if you tried," he says.  "There's children, there's senior citizens, there (are Pez collectors) in all walks of life."
Belyski invites the public to attend the "swap party" event at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel in this Saturday.