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De Blasio: Tax Wealthy to Fund Education Programs

De Blasio: Tax Wealthy to Fund Education Programs
Public Advocate and Mayoral Candidate Lays Out New Education Plan


New York Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has proposed a plan to finance education initiatives by raising income taxes on the wealthy.
The Democratic mayoral contender laid out his plan in a speech before the civic group Association for a Better New York.
He also attacked Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a mayoral rival, for her educational proposals, calling them "half measures." He also dismissed her reforms for small businesses as a "joke." He questioned why she wasn't challenging Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the issue.
His proposals got a lukewarm response from the audience on Thursday.
Quinn's office defended her record. Bloomberg said de Blasio wants to tax everything.
De Blasio said raising taxes on the wealthiest would provide funds for more prekindergarten classes and after-school programs for middle school students.