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Cuomo says de Blasio Bill Too Easy on Developers

Building under construction,, Corona

Jay Gorman, flickr

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to let developers get away with underpaying construction workers.
Cuomo was asked Friday about disagreements with de Blasio over issues including a tax break for developers.
Cuomo said unions oppose De Blasio's plan for renewing the tax break, called 421-a.
De Blasio's bill to renew the program requires developers to build affordable housing. But it does not require that construction workers be paid the prevailing wage.
Cuomo said critics have called de Blasio's bill "a giveaway to wealthy landlords." He said "the entire labor movement" opposes the bill.
The tax break will expire on June 15 if it is not renewed.
De Blasio spokesman Wiley Norvell said of Cuomo: "We need leadership. We need results. Not misdirection and evasion."