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Connecticut Homeowners Face Stark Choices After Sandy

Connecticut Homeowners Connecticut Face ToughDecisions After Sandy
Those in Flood Areas Can Sell, Demolish, or Elevate Homes

Hundreds of homeowners in Connecticut are facing stark choices after Superstorm Sandy flooded their homes: Sell, demolish and rebuild or elevate.

In flood zones, houses must comply with elevation requirements if the cost to repair damage exceeds half the home's value. The requirements are related to the current sea level.

In Connecticut, officials say about 3,000 homes were damaged by Sandy, including about 500 that had major damage.

In Fairfield, officials say 100 to 200 homes suffered that level of damage and homeowners will have to elevate, demolish or sell. Twelve permits have been issued to lift houses.

Some are selling because it's too costly or overwhelming to rebuild, while others are taking on huge debts and enduring many months out of their homes while they repair and elevate.