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Conn. Airports May Lose Air Traffic Controllers

Conn. Airports May Lose Air Traffic Controllers
Federal budget cuts may hurt Connecticut airports

 Members of Connecticut's congressional delegation say six Connecticut airports may lose all their air traffic controllers next month as a result of the $85 billion in automatic federal budget cuts that took effect last week.

The state's two senators and five representatives say the affected airports include Tweed-New Haven, Hartford-Brainard, Waterbury-Oxford, Groton-New London, Danbury Municipal and Sikorsky Memorial in Stratford.

The Federal Aviation Administration notified Connecticut officials on Wednesday that federal funding for the air traffic control towers at the six airports may be terminated April 7 because of the automatic spending cuts.

The congressional delegation issued a statement saying members are worried about airport safety, employees losing their jobs and the effect on airport-related businesses. They say they're continuing efforts to prevent the budget cuts.