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Clearwater Artist of the Day: David Crosby

David Crosby

David Crosby (courtesy of Clearwater


When David Crosby performs solo this weekend at the Clearwater Festival, he'll be without the "safety net" of his long-time collaborators Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. As he explained to me in our recent FUV Live conversation, he still loves going out as a part of the legendary CSN trio, but is energized by the challenge of having to do it all on his own.

Longtime Crosby fans at Clearwater can expect to hear a song or two from his early days with the Byrds along with the familiar and not so familiar Crosby compositions that have spanned the last forty plus years. Crosby is pleased to note that the writing muse has been visiting him lately, so we might have a few brand new compositions as part of his set. He promises lots of stories too and David has never been shy on offering up some unfiltered social and political commentary.

I'm really looking forward to watching and hearing it all unfold.

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