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Exploring the people, places and spirit of New York City and its surroundings, every Sunday morning at 6:30am - or anytime online.

George Bodarky's Cityscape coverage of New York City issues runs the gamut from the humorous to the sobering, whether it's homelessness or historic architecture. "What I try to bring to the program are the voices of New Yorkers, from all walks of life -- from the highest-ranking public official to the street performer in the subway. These are the voices of real New Yorkers, the people who make the city what it is, who make it tick."

"What intrigues me most is learning about the city's history from its residents. Like the people I encountered in a show about New York City overnight, with the singing sanitation worker. Like the walk I did with New York City's so-called 'Manhole Cover Lady,' almost getting hit by a New York City bus in the process! I have learned so much from these people that I could be a tour guide now."

Having enough time to effectively relate such experiences is important to Bodarky, who enjoys the expanded coverage that WFUV affords. "When I worked in commercial radio, I had 30 seconds to say something. Now this gives me 30 minutes to focus on a particular issue, to really delve into it," he explains. "I feel like I'm doing a better service for the public because of it. That's why I went into journalism."

When asked what topics have really captured him over the years, Bodarky adds, "The people affected by September 11th have stood out, for years now. That event changed the shape of our cityscape, it has become a theme for us, and will continue to be for generations."

Cityscape has garnered several awards since its start in 2001, as each week's episode has introduced us to a new and interesting set of characters. Bodarky says, "In a way, every show is like that."



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