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Christie's Bully Pulpit Sparks Ethics Complaint

Christie's Bully Pulpit Sparks Ethics Complaint
Belmar resident files complaint with ethics commission
Gov. Chris Christie has been slapped with an ethics complaint after he endorsed a local beach pavilion-building project.
Vincent Ehmann of Belmar says he believes it was improper for the governor to take sides on his town's referendum during a town-hall style meeting Christie held on Wednesday.
The $7 million bond question is on Belmar's ballot for a special election scheduled for Aug. 19.
Ehmann says he believes it crossed the line for Christie to make a political endorsement during a government-funded event.
At his town halls, which include question-and-answer sessions with citizens, Christie gives his positions on a variety of issues.
His office did not immediately respond to questions about the complaint, which Ehmann said he filed Thursday with the State Ethics Commission.