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Cheers for Kathleen Edwards

How much do we all love Kathleen Edwards? This much.

Failer, Back to Me, Asking for Flowers and Voyageur - if you've been listening to FUV at all over the past 10 years, you know we've played the heck out of every Kathleen Edwards record. If you're a Marquee Member, you got to see her at Tarrytown Music Hall last year. Either way, her combination of guts, charm and storytelling prowess has probably caught your ear by now.

Apparently, the love has gone both ways - Kathleen's been near the top of our Best of the Year listener polls, again and again.

Her solo voice can be a plaintive wail or as clear as a bell; her duet work with John Doe (among others) shows off her flair for balance and spirited fun. You can hear it all in some fine selections from the FUV Vault, below.

SUPPORTED BY FAIRWAY MARKET We're pleased as punch to have Kathleen Edwards joining the musical collaboration-fest that will be the Holiday Cheer for FUV benefit show for WFUV this year, Tuesday, December 10th at the Beacon Theatre. Come on down and sing along, won't you?

Here are a few Kathleen Edwards highlights from the FUV Vault:

Live WFUV Concert from Tarrytown Music Hall, 2012 (videos below)
FUV Live Session with John Doe
FUV Live Session, 2008