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Cavalcade for October 18

Laura Jane Grace (photo by Alexa Viscius, PR)

Laura Jane Grace (photo by Alexa Viscius, PR)


Hey, ya want weird? How about a "not Weird" Al Yankovic guest spot on a new song by Portugal.The Man to celebrate Indigenous People's Day. Caught your breath yet? The band and the legendary song-satirist have had a mutual admiration thing going since an impromptu Bonnaroo jam brought them together on stage. Al has been purposely playing it straight with spirited covers of songs he admires just the way they are.

Make way for the ongoing journey of Laura Jane Grace, the lead singer of Against Me!, who has released her own quarantine solo album, Stay Alive, this month. It is packed with thoughtful new songs that just tell it like it is. Her powerful new "Calendar Song" says "what is life?" in its own special way.

Stevie Nicks makes no bones about her privilege and status as beyond-iconic rock diva, but she uses her platform with humility to deliver an unexpected epic prayer for unity in a troubled world. Her pop-up single, "Show Them The Way," clocks in at nearly seven minutes, and taps the spirits of JFK and MLK for guidance.

Pearl Jam's "Get It Back" is also a timely non-LP pop-up, and in step with the band's voter rights and awareness initiatives. Rhiannon Giddens joins The Resistance Revival Chorus for the Billy Bragg/Wilco setting of Woody Guthrie's poem "All You Fascists Bound To Lose." Who says music has lost its voice in turbulent times?

I'll weave those in with some old favorites, a couple of library deep-dives, all in a Sunday evening's "Cavalcade," Sundays from 6-9pm, also streaming on demand in the Weekend Archives.