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Carmelo Wants to Relax, Won't Recruit This Weekend

As Gasol, Aldridge come to town, Melo will let them enjoy the weekend

Melo might not be ready to commit on whether or not he'll rest for the remainder of the season, but one thing's for sure - he'll rest as much as he can this weekend.

The New York Knicks will have upwards of $20 million in cap space next season and will have their eyes on All-Stars LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol, free agents after this season. In 2016, if they don't use that space, Kevin Durant is due to hit the market. All three of those players are visiting New York this weekend, but Carmelo Anthony won't be bugging them to come join him at Madison Square Garden.

"I'm not trying to recruit anybody this weekend. I don't want to," Anthony said to reporters on Friday. "It's hard to recruit people during this time. I've been on the flip side of that, on the other side. It's hard to do it, especially when guys just want to enjoy the weekend. Guys don't want to hear about 'Come here, come here.' I don't want to put that on them."

Anthony, of course, was a free agent last season and it was written that he'd been recruited very strongly by players like Dwight Howard. Perhaps that has a role in his desire to take a back seat. Or, maybe it's the idea of walking around on a bad knee in the midst of a brutal winter.

"These are grown people, these are grown men," he said. "I hope I don't have to take them by their hand and show them New York City. Plus, nobody wants to be in this cold anyway. They're probably all in their hotel room."

Anthony said he'll practice tomorrow with his Eastern Conference teammates at MSG and plans to start as planned in Sunday's All-Star Game.



  • Carmelo says he hasn't decided on whether or not he'll shut it down for the season, and said he would "see" about playing after the All-Star break. The Knicks won't play again until a week from now.
  • Six-time NBA Champion Scottie Pippen told me he thinks Carmelo Anthony can win an NBA title. "He's a championship player. He just hasn't won yet," he said.
  • Melo says he hasn't picked out a hat yet for Sunday night's All-Star game.