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Carmelo Anthony Hat Stats

A look at how Carmelo Anthony performs based on his headwear

So much has been made of Carmelo Anthony's postgame hat selections this year. Whether it was this strange creation, his panama hat the other night, or his go-to black top hat, Carmelo has kept it interesting amidst a season of consistent disappointment.

In light of all the attention that's been paid to Carmelo's hats, I compiled some statistics based on what hats Carmelo has chosen to wear in his postgame meetings with the press:

As you can see, his blue hat has brought him a winning record and a solid showing on offense, while--I'll just stop right now.


Note: The Houston game in which Carmelo was injured has been counted as a black top hat game, since that's what he wore when he arrived at the of his brown hats was leather, which is why the games add up to one more than he's played thus far.