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Bronx Zoo Adds Two New Facilities

Bronx Zoo Adds Two New Facilities
The Bronx Zoo wants visitors to know more about conservation and wildlife.

Bronx Zoo officials cut the ribbon on a new a Wildlife Ambassador Center, where visitors learn about animals up close and personal.

Cristián Samper, President and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society, says the experience is like none other.

"There is something so special about that opportunity and that close contact," he says, "I know it's going to open the eyes, the hearts, and the minds of so many people who are going to have this opportunity."
Senator Klein hopes the new education center will attract visitors from all over the region.
"We have very few jewels in the Bronx, we have very few final destinations. The Bronx Zoo is one of them. When people come here they spend money, they go throughout our communities and eat at restaurants and go shopping."  
They also cut the ribbon on an expanded wildlife health center to provide better veterinary care for more animals. Before entering the zoo's exhibits, animals can be taken to the center for health examinations.